Cooperation in technology transfer on the fields of supporting electric vehicle industry between Vietnam and Korea


On September 8, 2021, the Vietnam Technology Transfer Center (VTTC) under the State Agency for Techology Innovation and Chungnam Technopark Automotive R&D Center had an online working session on cooperation to promote connecting and seeking to transfer supporting technology of Korean electric vehicle industry to Vietnam

The electric vehicle industry is the trend towards clean energy and sustainable development. Realizing that Korea’s electric vehicle export capacity is increasing, the Vietnam Technology Transfer Center had a meeting with Chungnam Technopark Automotive R&D Center with the goal of promoting technology transfer on the Korean supporting electric vehicle industry in Vietnam.

Attending the meeting were Mr. Le Hiep Cuong, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in Korea (In charge of Scientific and Technological Affairs), Mr. Le Mong Lam Director of VTTC, Mr. Pham Ngoc Hieu, Deputy Director of VTTC; Mr. Hyo-Hwan Lee  Director Rof Chungnam Technopark Automotive R&D Center and some related parties.

Mr. Hyo-Hwan Lee briefly introduced the scale and field of production activities of the center and expressed his desire to cooperate with the Vietnamese side through specific works: (1) Development cooperation and technical support for small electric vehicle/auto parts companies in Vietnam; (2) Supporting the export of small electric vehicles and auto parts to the Vietnamese market; (3) Creating a cooperative environment between Korea and Vietnam; (4) Exchange of technology and techniques in the automobile industry between the two countries.

Some pictures at the meeting
Some pictures at the meeting

Mr. Pham Ngoc Hieu shared that there were many factors affecting the development of the electric vehicle industry in Vietnam. These are also possible challenges such as: (1) The electric vehicle industry is quite expensive and the price gap remains a concern for manufacturers; (2) Vietnam’s electric vehicle-related infrastructure is limited, the lack of charging station infrastructure is an issue that needs careful consideration; (3) Impacts on the environment from the process of using electric vehicles;… Currently, in Vietnam, VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. is conducting production and assembly of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are also not popular due to lack of infrastructure. Investors may consider developing battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hydrogen fuel electric vehicles (FCEVs) or hybrid vehicles (HEVs) known for their fuel efficiency and low emissions.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Le Mong Lam agreed on the contents of the work that the two sides will cooperate to implement in the near future: (1) Coordinating to investigate and evaluate the electric vehicle market and its conditions. necessary conditions to implement the project in Vietnam; (2) Coordinating in establishing Chungnam Techno Park center in Vietnam to promote the introduction, product promotion and technology transfer connection between Vietnam and Korea; (3) Cooperation in development and technical support for production and export for companies producing electric vehicles and auto parts to Vietnam; …

Both sides hope that this cooperation will contribute to making Vietnam a central market in Southeast Asia in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing and auto parts supply.



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