About Exhibition Units

With the participation of 100 – 120 Vietnamese and foreign enterprises in cyberspace. Suitable industries to participate in the Exhibition are enterprises providing services, manufacturing goods domestically and for export such as: Defense – Security, Manufacturing – Manufacturing, Technology, Software, Finance and Banking goods, Tourism, Aviation,… with governmental & non-governmental organizations, Associations, Chamber of Commerce,…


With an aim of connecting, promoting trade, creating opportunities for businesses to present products and services to domestic and foreign partners, and also contribute to honouring military scientific and technological achievements, defence industry capacity, “Economics – Defense in the digital technology era 2022” Exhibition – Exposition (VIDEX 2022), held in cyberspace, will officially open on December 8th, 2022, with the participation of more than 100 Vietnamese and International enterprises.

As a pioneering exhibition to apply advanced integrated technologies to ensure effective trade promotion while bringing unique experiences to visitors, VIDEX 2022 will be a typical exhibition representing the progress of innovative modern transformation, meeting the urgent needs of businesses to overcome the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


With the diverse participation of exhibitors from Vietnam and Internationally, VIDEX 2022 provides a virtual platform that enables effective communication for direct networking and identifying new possibilities. VIDEX 2022 includes affiliated marketing channels allowing the exhibitors to engage in the most interactive networking event in Vietnam. Additionally, VIDEX 2022 has a unique political and economic role, which is of interest to management agencies and propagates to millions of soldiers and the community, bringing a rich source of visitors in need with high demand for trade connections.


With VIDEX 2022, exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to exchange cooperation, implement business matching conveniently with reliable partners from major domestic and international brands (Korea, Japan, UK, France, USA, India…), further ensured by the close cooperation between event organizers and reputable governmental/non-governmental organizations, such as the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the trade promotion organizations of countries and regions.


Organized by Vietnam’s Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Industry and Trade and other essential ministerial agencies of Vietnam’s Government, all the brands attending the Exhibition will be recognized by the top management level of the public sector. The opportunity would present the highest value for the exhibitor to promote their products & services to Vietnam’s market (especially in the public sectors, government tenders) and South East Asia regional market. Participating in VIDEX 2022, businesses are introduced alongside leading names in different industries at an international level.


Organized on the leading-edge digital platform, certified by ISO 27001 standard guided information management system, VIDEX 2022 hold the highest security and performance for visitors’ digital experience and at the same time protect exhibitor’s privacy and intellectual exposition. In addition, by integrating diverse communication and organizational platforms, business connections, and organizing seminars and talks, businesses can maximize the effectiveness of indirect and direct intercommunication with participating parties.